Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Going Going – and Gone


I loved this bracelet and thought it would look absolutely fabulous with a pair of jeans and pretty much anything else. Apparently so did a gal who came rafting this past weekend. She tried it on and it never left her hand after that. She almost winced when I took it and put it in a bag for her! It’s a little hard to see in this picture but the bracelet has three strands of those lovely blue and white stones combined with a bit of silver.

On top of that she took these earrings as well. They are simple but different – and of course – green!P4270005


Prince Wah said...

Hope you will come to visit my blog

Have a nice day

Living the Dream said...

How I love that bracelet and earings, they are just beautiful. Do you make them all as well as all the knitting? You are so very clever.

Living the Dream said...

Me again, I have just scrolled down and seen your other jewellery, absolutely stunning.

Glimmer said...

Can you make another blue and silver bracelet, like the one the rafting client bought? Am seeing it on my small wrist already.